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Time Management System For More Quality Leads💸

Learn how to manage your time and busy schedule using my secret SDA method. Get the exact time management system that my clients have used to fill up their waitlists, generate daily sales and launch products/services of over $250,000!

All automated!



🎓What's Inside?

  • The SDA Method - the custom methodology I've spent 3+ years perfecting, and how my clients are using it to focus on generating quality during their prelaunch phase

  • Cutting-edge time management techniques to help you focus on high-impact lead generation strategies

  • Printable time management planner

  • Well-designed Virtual Calendar System

  • Strategies on how to leverage managing your time efficiently to boost your lead generation efforts

  • And lots more...


Who is this COURSE for?

Time Mastery Course is best of solopreneurs looking to manage their time effectively to engage in HIGH-IMPACT LEAD GENERATION STRATEGIES that drive in quality leads and sales.

If the below sounds like you, then grab a seat to join this course ⤵

  • You're currently managing and operating your business single-handedly, sacrificing your personal life...

    With this course, you are able to strike the perfect balance between professional commitments and personal time, leading to improved well-being and satisfaction.

  • You are not just in business for the short term but are aiming to build something that lasts, creating a meaningful impact in their field...

    You'll learn how to prioritize tasks that contribute to long-term success and legacy building, ensuring that their work has a lasting impact.

  • You seek ways to optimize your workflow, reduce time spent on low-priority tasks, and focus more on what drives growth...

  • You get to access time management techniques that free up resources to focus on effective lead generation activities, thereby growing the business.

  • You value your autonomy and are in pursuit of a lifestyle that allows you the freedom to choose how you spend their time, both in and out of work.

  • Discover high-impact strategies to significantly increase productivity, allowing more time for both business development and personal pursuits.

  • You want to intentionally design your life and business to align with your personal values, goals, and passions, ensuring they live the life they've always dreamed of.

  • You'll be equipped with the right tools and strategies to live the lifestyle you desire, filled with freedom and fulfillment, by managing your time effectively.

Clients pay

$897 for this exclusive

training course

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Meet Teecee Okore

I'm not just your average systems strategist; I'm the results-driven, no-nonsense guide you need.

My passion? Empowering entrepreneurs to work smart and live a purposeful life with their mental health in intact using simple automated systems, working sales funnels, bespoke strategies and profitable launches.

Imagine this - "You wake up everyday knowing exactly where to invest your time to grow your business"...

"You're no longer running after every potential lead; you're strategically attracting the right ones"

The secret? Time Management Systems - the game- changer you didn't know you needed

And in this Live class, I'm going to lay out the blueprint for you so you can steal it and run to go plan your next automated launch!

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